Allergy Medical Group

Dear former patients

Allergy Medical finalised operations in September 2023. During the initial closure period, South City Doctors facilitated patient enquiries regarding patient files and collecting immunotherapy vials which had previously been kept on site.

For information regarding ongoing immunotherapy services including referrals, and the ordering of vials, please discuss viable options with your preferred General Practitioner for alternative immunotherapy providers.

For information regarding access to Patient files, please read below:

Please Note that from June 1st 2024 the transfer of medical records for prior Allergy Medical patients will incur a $100.00 fee to cover the operational costs associated with providing this service.

These records have been secured offline to protect patient privacy and in doing so means that access is restricted and regulated to a fortnightly period.

This request will be actioned by South City Doctors on behalf of Allergy Medical Group, however we are a separate entity and do not have any connection to the former business.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

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