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Eczema management and treatment are complex processes.


Allergy Medical’s Eczema Clinic provides one-on-one education, training and support for our eczema patients and their parents and carers. Delivered by our nurse practitioners, the Eczema Clinic develops the health insights and practical skills required for better managing and treating eczema.

The duration of the course and the topics covered are variable to support your initial and ongoing needs.

Topics covered include:

  • how the skin works
  • how eczema-prone skin is different
  • the many different factors that impact on eczema
  • eczema and allergy—the potential problems and alarm bells
  • the role infection plays
  • how you can help control the symptoms
  • identifying the safest and most effective treatments
  • stepping you through an eczema management and protection plan
  • how to prepare wet wraps, dry wraps and cool compresses
  • protective garments and bedding
  • what to look for in skin care products
  • lifestyle and household issues and tips

Both patient and carer are welcome to attend.

The Eczema Clinic is intended to complement rather than replace a doctor’s consultation. You don’t need to be an Allergy Medical patient to attend.

Bookings & enquiries

For more information, or to book a one-on-one Eczema Clinic, please email, use our booking form or call (07) 3252 3711.

Allergy can severely aggravate the symptoms and severity of eczema. And eczema can be a warning sign for susceptibility to other allergies.

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