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Immunotherapy Clinic

Allergies aren’t curable, but they are treatable and manageable. The closest thing we have to a cure is immunotherapy.


Immunotherapy—or desensitisation—is the only treatment that addresses the cause of allergy. And it provides lasting, long-term results.

It does so by gradually exposing you to increasing amounts of allergen. While it’s not a quick fix, over time immunotherapy builds your immunity to the things you’re allergic to—reducing your symptoms and ultimately deactivating your allergy.

More than a third of our patients suffer from allergies that can be successfully treated by immunotherapy.

Depending on the allergy being treated, immunotherapy may be administered via injection (subcutaneous immunotherapy or SCIT) or by oral drops or tablets (sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT).

While not currently available for every type of allergy, immunotherapy can effectively treat a growing number of allergies. For instance, there is a long history of successful immunotherapy treatment for hay fever and insect sting allergies. And there is currently extensive research into immunotherapy for food allergies, with promising results.

The knowledge and support you need

While providing long-term results, immunotherapy requires careful planning, delivery and management over an extended period. As with any long-term goal, ongoing commitment is key.

Allergy Medical operates an Immunotherapy Clinic to provide continuing care for our patients. We’ll give you the knowledge and support you need to make the most of the process—guiding you along the path to building your immunity and deactivating your allergy.

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To see how immunotherapy could provide the long-term solution to your allergy problems, just ask us.

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