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16 Dec 2016


Part 3 – Travelling with Allergy

There are some great products that make living and travelling with allergy safer and easier. We’ve asked our team to share some products that they use and recommend on a daily basis.

Allergic Traveler™ lets you communicate your way, in the language of the country you are visiting. It works everywhere with no wifi required. You can enter your allergies once and allow it to use location services when connected. In a worst case scenario, you can show a request for emergency medical care at the touch of a button. Communicate in 30 languages about 43 allergens.

AroundMe app helps you explore your location for points of interest such as transport, petrol stations, toilets and ATMs. Search for restaurants that cater to your allergy needs. If you have an unexpected allergic reaction, find the nearest hospital or pharmacy that carries your medication.

Ultimate Relief Spray is fast acting for relief of pain and itching associated with mosquito bites, sand fly bites, insect bites, bluebottle stings, sea lice, nettles, wasp stings and general skin inflammation. It goes without saying that this product is a summer holiday essential.

Chemeleon Food Additive Guide is great app for uncovering chemicals or ingredients that should be avoided or are safe to eat. Simply enter the name or number of a listed ingredient and learn about your food. $3.99

Celiac Travel Cards make ordering safe gluten free food easy, available in 54 languages for an optional donation.

Gluten Free Eating Directory is a great resource if you’re holidaying in Australia and looking for places that cater well for gluten free diets. * Gluten free diets should only be followed by those who have been diagnosed by a medical doctor.

SO2GO is a safe and natural product that reduces the preservatives in wine, champagne, beer & cider. The sulphur dioxide (SO2) preservative that is commonly used in wine and other drinks can cause upsets in people with sulphite sensitivity and intolerances. SO2GO does not effect flavour or quality and is available in handy sachets or spray bottles. A travel-must if you plan to indulge a little.

Select Wisely make cards in a number of languages that can be used to explain what you’re allergic to including messaging for chemical, drug and food allergy as well as emergency instructions.

While these products can be helpful, effective treatment always begins with correct medical diagnosis. Only then can you manage your symptoms, avoid your triggers and stay happy and healthy. If you know of any other products we haven’t listed we’d love to hear from you via

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