Food Allergy and Easter

6 Apr 2017

Easter can be a challenge when living with food allergies. We have gathered some Easter egg options that make the experience just as fun for kids (and adults!) with specific dietary requirements.

There are some great dairy, nut or free-from treats so the excitement of the highly anticipated egg hunt can be enjoyed by all.

Moo Free products are free from the top eight most common food allergens and are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, nut free, egg free, wheat free, fish free and shellfish free.

Sweet William offer Easter bunnies that are free from dairy, gluten, peanut & tree nut, cholesterol, trans fats and lactose, artificial colours and preservatives. 

Kinnerton have a nut safety promise’ for those avoiding only nuts, as well as a selection of products that are free from dairy, egg and gluten.

If avoiding chocolate there are always candy eggs (free of the allergen) or alternatively the hunt could be for toy eggs that can be traded for other experiences such as movie tickets.

Hot cross buns are an Easter favourite and and there a plenty of options online for gluten, dairy, egg and nut free recipes. If you’re invited to an Easter gathering put your hand up early to bake the hot cross buns and you’ll know that they’re safe for everyone to enjoy.

Above all, don’t let allergies get in the way of some fun. Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends.

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