The Autumn Clean

21 Apr 2017

An “Autumn clean” is a great way to prepare your surroundings for the transition into Winter. Make sure your home and office spaces are in order and easier to clean before dust, dander and mould can become more of an issue particularly as the days get cooler, winter skin becomes drier, and more time is being spent indoors.

Air Conditioning

Many households have used their air-conditioners regularly during the sweltering heat of Summer. For managing eczema, it can also be helpful during the change of season to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity.  As the weather cools is a great opportunity to clean vents and filters before switching to heating. The e-cloth Cleaning & Dusting Wand is lightweight and flexible, with a versatile flat 60cm long cleaning surface. It is also bendable, making light work of hard to reach spots.

Winter clothes

Bring out your coats and winter linens prior to needing them to ensure they’re clean, fresh, and free of dust mites, mould and mildew. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free Soapnuts clean your clothes without laundry detergent. As they do not leave any chemical residue on fabric, clothes are softer and less likely to cause irritation. 

Mould and fallen leaves

Mould spores are released in Autumn, circulating in the air as decaying leaves fall to the ground. As mould particle counts climb higher, they become increasingly irritating to people with allergies. High mould counts also contribute to breathing problems among those with asthma. Staying on top of fallen leaves is key to reducing the effects of allergy to mould. 

 Dustmite covers

Get into a routine of washing all your sheets weekly to remove the allergens that live in bedding. The change of season is also a time to remove your dust mite protective mattress and bedding covers and wash them at 60 degrees to keep them fresh, free of dead skin, dust mites and their dander.  This routine is particularly important as cooler weather generally means dry skin causing an increase in dust mites. Good quality dust mite covers create a natural barrier against dust mites and dust mite allergen in your bed.

Did you know you can keep your home clean without using chemicals? 

With the extra time spent indoors, dust, mould and animal dander are allergens that need to be wiped away. Clean better than chemicals without chemicals using eCloth.

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